We’re committed to ethically and responsibly sourced diamonds and materials.

We connect you with trusted vendors, whose inventory is ethically sourced. Each diamond is GIA Certified with documented history and kimberley.


Joolez is your expert. pocket. gemologist. Making personalized to you, bias-free, recommendations.

Using a proprietary algorithm and behavioral science, enhanced by artificial intelligence, Joolez analyzes millions of GIA certified diamonds across the globe in mere seconds, and make recommendations based on what’s important to you.

By using the and diamond recommendations can be further adjusted based on price, size and quality.


Create a ring as unique as they are.

Found your perfect diamond? Fantastic!

At checkout you can choose a complimentary solitaire ring available in white, yellow, and rose gold OR upgrade your ring, with classic and contemporary ring styles to satisfy all tastes. Joolez will recommend ring designs that compliment your diamond choice best.

We deliver a complete diamond ring worthy of your moment.

We are determined to make buying an engagement ring simple, transparent, and joyful. As such, our team, A.I. technology, and dedicated experts are with you every step of the way, so that you can shop with confidence — when it matters most.

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